ALIEN Movie Artist H.R. Giger Has Died at the Age of 74

H.R.Gigerby Billy Fisher

On a more somber note, iconic artist H.R. Giger has passed away after suffering a fall. 

THR reported that the man who designed the Xenomorphs in all of the Alien movies died in a hospital on Monday after suffering a fall in his museum. Here is what they had to say about him:

"Giger's works, often showing macabre scenes of humans and machines fused into hellish hybrids, influenced a generation of movie directors and inspired an enduring fashion for 'biomechanical' tattoos." 

Giger’s work is amazing to look at; it has a very hard but beautiful quality to it. His classic monochromatic, futuristic style is loved by fans all over the world and has inspired people to emulate his work via tattoos. This, to Giger, was the highest form of flattery. This is what he had to say in an interview with Seconds magazine in 1994 about his work:

"The greatest compliment is when people get tattooed with my work, whether it's done well or not. To wear something like that your whole life is the largest compliment someone can pay to you as an artist."

It is hard not to be impressed by Giger’s work. In every piece you can see the time and passion that was put into them. Every calculated detail is exactly what Giger intends to show us.

It is sad to see a true artist leave us, but his work lives on and can be enjoyed forever. 

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