ALIEN: COVENANT Blu-ray will include 12 Deleted/Extended Scenes

20th Century Fox has announced that the Blu-ray release of Alien: Covenant  will include extra special features that the average Alien fan might find interesting. reports that Alien: Covenant will be available on high definition Blu-ray starting August 15. The special features on the disc will be twelve deleted and extended scenes that director Ridley Scott has made available from his film. The scenes total up to almost 18 minutes of additional footage that didn’t make the final cutwhich already runs 122 minutes without them. 

Here is the full list of Alien: Covenant special features:

  • Audio Commentary by Ridley Scott
  • 12 Deleted and Extended Scenes (17m 58s)
  • 5 Featurettes: Meet Walter (2m 19s), Phobos (9m 8s), The Last Supper (4m 36s), The Crossing (2m 32s), Advent (6m 40s)
  • Master Class: Ridley Scott (55m 25s)
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • David’s Illustrations
  • Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
  • 4K Blu-ray: Dolby Atmos

It's not entirely clear what will be included in the deleted/extended scenes, but they might clear up any plot holes. I know in the case of Prometheus, the deleted/extended scenes answered most of the questions that were raised in the theatrical cut.

Did you like Covenant enough to pick up the Blu-Ray? 

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