ALIEN Egg Chamber ReAction Playset - Comic-Con 2014

Super7 has revealed a really cool Alien movie playset  that will be available exclusively at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. It's called the Alien Egg Chamber ReAction Playset, and these are the details they provided us:

The highly anticipated playset that will pull on nostalgic heartstrings of 70’s youth will be exclusively released at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Now you can relive the excitement of the Nostromo Crew’s journey into the Derelict Alien Spaceship! Venture with Kane deep into the mysterious Egg Chamber ReAction Playset and pose your sturdy ReAction Figures on the detailed, egg-covered base. Inspired by the playsets of the 1970’s and packaged in an era appropriate photo box, the playset provides the perfect backdrop for all of your ReAction Adventures.  The playset comes complete with classically styled action base made from durable hand-cast resin and corrugated cardboard, full-color Alien Egg Silo backdrop that slides into the base for display. ReAction Figures sold separately. Limit to one per person for the entirety of the show.  Limited run of 250/numbered. 

I love the little kids that are playing with the set in the cover art. That's one thing I miss about the '70s and '80s… the kids toys that were made for hard R films. 

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