All the Disney Princesses Play Dungeons and Dragons

In today’s installment of GeekTyrant Is Obsessed with Disney Princesses, we have a digital painting by Deviant Artist Alexandra Mihai, aka madam-marla. The princesses have all gathered for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Elsa and Anna are missing because you know Elsa would roll too low of a number and throw a big ice-fit, and Anna boycotted because they dissed her sister. Or because the artist started the piece before Frozen came out. Whichever.

The artist did a great job capturing the different princesses’ personalities. I think Snow White is an interesting choice as Dungeon master, because she is so dull. I would have put her in charge of snacks and clean up, honestly, but she is really into it. And Ariel is apparently in love with her, which should make for some nice slash-fic. Mulan has her fake interested face on, and Jasmine isn’t even trying. Cinderella is worried she forgot to clean something. Pocahontas is zoned out, pondering the genocide of her people. The only one who seems actually interested in what Snow has to say is Rapunzel, and she was locked in a tower for her whole life, so what does she know? Tiana is wondering why she’s the only black person at the table. Belle is ignoring everything and reading the rules, Aurora is majorly pouting, and Merida wants to shoot an arrow at something.

What character class would you put each Princess in?

Via: Geekologie

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