Amanda Seyfried Turned Down the Role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, and She Explains Why

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While it may seem like every notable actor and actress in Hollywood is a part of the MCU in one way or another, there are still some who are not involved, and while not too many actors would turn down a role in the thriving Marvel Universe, some have.

While promoting her recent film The Art of Racing in the Rain in a recent interview with MTV, Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables) and her co-star Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, This is Us) were asked, “Are you up for taking on a superhero movie?”. Seyfried quickly responded by saying:

“I turned down one once and they haven’t called back since. And it was a big’un. I don’t regret it because I didn’t want to be green for six months out of every year. They tell beautiful stories through superheroes, and my daughter’s now really obsessed with superheroes now, and part of me wishes I’d done it, but the other part of me is like ‘I had a life to live’ and I don’t think I would’ve been happy.”

While the makeup and commitment didn’t sound appealing to the actress, neither did the type of role. In action movies that are made with green screens and stunt coordination, it’s a whole different beast than a small scale drama or comedy. Seyfried said as much when she expressed her preference, and added:

“It’s so much more fulfilling to be in a scene with another human, doing human things, talking about real life and that’s what we did [in The Art of Racing in the Rain].”

While it seems like an unusual choice to turn down such a high-profile role, I respect that. It wasn’t her thing, and the role went to another actress who is wonderful. Do you think Seyfried would have made a good Gamora?

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