Any fan of the classic 1980s sci-fi horror film Critters is going to love this fan-made short film created by Jordan Downey. The short is called "Critters: Bounty Hunter," and I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised by its awesomeness. It’s definitely one of the better fan films in general that I’ve seen. You can tell Downey is a huge fan as it has the same vibe and spirit of the original movies. Here’s a note from the director:

“Call the Bounty Hunters, the Critters are back! CRITTERS: BOUNTY HUNTER marks the return of the carnivorous space creatures made popular by the 1986 classic. The short fan film from director Jordan Downey (ThanksKilling) serves as his pitch for the directing gig on an upcoming web-series from Warner Bros. The studio recently announced plans to revive the cult series under their digital unit, Blue Ribbon Content. Downey has been a die-hard fan of “Critters” since childhood and made the short to showcase his vision for the project. Completed in less than two months with a six man crew, Critters: Bounty Hunter is a quick slice of horror sure to please fans everywhere! to [sic] show that I would be the right director for the project. This short film is my pitch.”

This is a solid pitch, and if Warner Bros. hasn’t found a director for their web-series yet, Downey seems like a solid contender. "Critters: Bounty Hunter" was quite the entertaining short, and I’d love to see more from the filmmaker. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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