AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer Easter Eggs Hint at Venom and Morbius

We already know that Doctor Octopus and Vulture were teased in the recent trailer for The Amazing-Spider-Man 2 along with the rest of the sinister six, but now we have another easter egg that teases Venom and the living vampire Morbius as well.

The information was found on the the Oscorp touch computer screen that Harry was looking at in the trailer, as you can see in the screenshot above. 

Nano Drug System, Weapons System 8A, Venom Storage 7-U, Exoskeleton 232, Plutonium Lab, Research SGOP 520, Transmitter Test 9, Carbon Fiber Test 7, Oscorp Lab 231, Internal System Test 2, Labs 2345 – 4748, Oscorp Tower File 23.

Synthetic plants, Experiment OCT 32A, 67B – Bio-Lab, Eel Lab – Report 29, Ravencroft, Oahu Facility, Document 9303-D, Power Station – NY, OS – Suit (Mark III), London Lab – 0930, Australia Project, Dr Connors File, Dr Morbius File

Here's a higher resolution photo that you can check out for yourself thanks to Big Comic Page. With word that Sony Pictures plans on making several stand alone spin-off films based on the Spider-Man universe, I imagined these characters would eventually make their appearance, and it's looking like they just might, which would be so cool! 

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