Amazing Trailer For Robert Zemeckis' New Film WELCOME TO MARWEN with Steve Carrell

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for their upcoming film Welcome To Marwen, which comes from director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future). The film stars Steve Carrell and it looks like an absolutely wonderful and inspiring movie. I loved this first trailer and this is certainly going to be a unique and surreal film that is told in a very fun way.

Steve Carell plays Mark Hogancamp, a man who is attacked by a group of Nazis, leaving him with severe memory loss and some serious post-traumatic stress. As a way to cope with what he is going through, he builds a model town called Marwen that is filled with custom-made G.I. Joe like action figures. He lives out a fantasy life with these figures that come to life in his imagination and they help him face and deal with the struggles that he's going through. I love the visual style of this whole thing. It's a bit odd, but it totally works. 

The movie is based on a documentary called Marwencol that tells the true story of Mark Hogancamp, who suffered severe head trauma after being beaten outside of a bar by a group of teenagers. He was in a nine day coma, and when he woke up he had no memory of his life, his friends or his family.

Here's the synopsis for the film:

Welcome to Marwen tells the miraculous true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.
When a devastating attack shatters Mark Hogancamp (Carell) and wipes away all memories, no one expected recovery. Putting together pieces from his old and new life, Mark meticulously creates a wondrous town where he can heal and be heroic. As he builds an astonishing art installation—a testament to the most powerful women he knows—through his fantasy world, he draws strength to triumph in the real one.
In a bold, wondrous and timely film from this revolutionary pioneer of contemporary cinema, Welcome to Marwen shows that when your only weapon is your imagination… you’ll find courage in the most unexpected place.

The film has a great ensemble cast that includes Leslie Mann, Eiza González, Janelle Monáe, Gwendoline Christie, Diane Kruger and Merritt WeaverWelcome to Marwen arrives this fall on November 21, 2018. In also included the original documentary for you to watch as well.

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