Amazing Wearable IRON MAN Animatronic Suit!

This is seriously one of the coolest custom made Iron Man suits that I've seen. What makes this suit so amazing is that fact that it's a fully functional animatronic suit. It's loaded with little individual components that help make the suit explode with greatness. The helmet opens and closes; it has rocket launchers that deploy from the shoulder armor; there's glowing hip pods that come out and there's even fully functional flaps in the back. Unfortunately, the one thing it doesn't do that we'd all like it to do... is fly. Even though it doesn't fly, this thing is still insanely impressive. 

The suit is completely operated from RFID tags that are embedded in the tips of the gloves. So all of these things can be activated while wearing the suit. If you have the time and talent to take on the challenge of building one of your own, you can find instructions and photos right here. Check out the video below showing off the suit! Thanks to Hackaday for the tip.