Amazon Cancels THE TICK After Only Two Seasons

Bummer. After only two seasons Amazon has canceled The Tick. I don’t know about you, but I loved this series! I thought the creative team did a fantastic job with it! Both seasons were a ton of fun, action-packed, and filled with some funny humor that only The Tick franchise can deliver.

I was looking forward to Season 3, so it’s a shame that the series had to come to an end. I grew up with The Tick, and it was nice to have it around again in this wonderfully made series.

News of the cancellation came from The Tick creator Ben Edlund in the following tweets:

Who knows if we’ll ever see a new adaptation of The Tick again after this. There were two other previous adaptations that included the animated series, which is the absolute best and the 2001 series with Patrick Warburton.

I hate that this series has come to an end, but life goes on and we’ll always be able to revisit the comics and the shows.

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