Amazon Executive Said THE EXPANSE Fans Wouldn't Let Them Forget The Show


Amazon saved The Expanse in the 11th hour of its cancellation, and one Amazon executive is saying that's thanks in large part to the show's fans. Amazon Studios CEO Jennifer Salke said that while the company had been looking into saving the sci-fi series initially, it wasn't until fans began to tweet, commission planes to fly over the company headquarters, and celebrities started emailing Jeff Bezos before it became clear just how important the show was (via i09):

“There were airplanes circling us, I was having cakes delivered, there was a whole thing happening. And then really smart people, whose opinions I really value creatively, started reaching out to me, saying, ‘have you seen this show, The Expanse, it’s actually great.’ I hadn’t so I spent some time, I watched the show and I was like, this show is actually really well done, why is nobody watching it?

At the same time, Jeff Bezos was getting emails from everyone from George R.R. Martin to every captain of industry, like the founder of Craigslist, and they were all writing, saying, there’s this show, it’s so great, you have to see it, you have to buy it or save it.”

This is just further evidence that fan efforts work (unless you're a Firefly fan) guys, so be sure to advocate for your favorite shows and join efforts to save them! Now if Amazon would just save Lucifer I'm sure every geek would be Amazon Prime subscribers!

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