AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 8 Will Be a 'Murder House' and 'Coven' Crossover

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy just dropped a bid detail regarding the eighth season of the horror anthology series. If you're a fan of this series, you're sure to get a little excited because it will be a crossover of two of the more popular seasons of American Horror Story, 'Murder House' and 'Coven'. Oh, yeah! Season 8 is also set to premiere this year! Here's the tweet that Murphy posted:

The first season of the series was 'Murder House' which followed a family move into a crazy haunted mansion in Los Angeles. 'Coven' was the third season of the show, which followed a girl who is sent to a special academy in New Orleans after discovering she is a witch.

There's no information on how the next story will play out, or how the elements of those two seasons will connect, but witches are obviously going to be a big part of it. As a fan of those two seasons, I'm excited to see what comes of this! 

Murphy previously revealed that usual suspects Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates will lead the eighth season of the series.

What do you think about the idea of 'Murder House' and 'Coven' getting a crossover season? How do you think the story will play out? How do you want it to play out?

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