Amy Jo Johnson Casts Felicity Huffman and Anastasia Phillips in TAMMY'S ALWAYS DYING

Many will always see Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Power Ranger. However, in the years since, Johnson has been growing her talents and is now working on directing her second film, Tammy’s Always Dying. The new film is described as a dark comedy, and it has just announced that Felicity Huffman and Anastasia Phillips have joined the cast.

Huffman will play Tammy, who is “charismatic yet self-destructive” and the mother of Catherine. Phillips will be portraying Catherine, who is 35 years old and a caregiver. When Tammy is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Catherine decides to try to make some money off of Tammy’s life story with the help of a talk show agent, but things go wrong when Tammy refuses to die.

The rest of the cast includes Aaron Ashmore, Kristian Bruun, Lauren Holly, and Clark Johnson. The script was written by Joanne Sarazen with the role of producer being filled by Jessica Adams and Harry Cherniak. The list of executive producers includes Huffman, Johnson, Joannie Burstein, Martin Katz, and Karen Wookey.

Via: THR

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