An Opera Singer Made an Operatic Subclass for Bards in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

If you play Dungeons & Dragons and are looking for a new way to play a bard, I may have just the thing for you. Kelli Butler is a professional opera singer and D&D player on several shows, and she has teamed up with Hannah Rose from Worlds Apart to create a new Bard subclass based on opera singers.

The College of the Opera is available starting at level three like other Bard colleges. If you take it, your character will automatically learn four new languages as a nod to the fact that several operas are written and performed in other languages. You’ll also gain the ability to casts Shatter. This is a clear reference to opera singers breaking glass when they sing. As your Bard levels up, they’ll get to choose from three different arias:

The Aria Cantabile gives allies temporary hit points when they hear a bard’s song of rest, the Aria di Bravura gives an opponent disadvantage if they miss a bard with an attack, and the Aria Parlante gives bards advantage on Charisma checks.

The Supporting Cast feature comes around level 14 and gives your Bard a Bardic Inspiration die when a teammate uses a Bardic Inspiration die. Level 14 also grants the Bard the ability to capture souls which sounds bad, but according to CB, “a bard can also use that ability to protect someone's soul from being devoured or stolen from other parties.”

If this sounds like a fun new subclass to try, you can head on over to the DM Guild right now and pick it up for $1.99.

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