ANCESTRAL WEAPONS Gives Some DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Characters Weapons that Level Up Too

Let’s say your Dungeons & Dragons character is wielding a magic sword passed down for generations. It should be more than just a fancy looking blade, but your DM probably doesn’t want you having a magic sword in your first few levels. Well, this supplement may help alleviate some of that. Ancestral Weapons is a fan-made supplement from Dungeon Rollers and it allows you to have a magic weapon that scales with your character. As you complete quests and such, your DM will reward you with Spirit Points which can be used to add upgrades to that fancy sword passed down from your great-great-great-great grandmother. This sounds like a really solid idea to help add some flair to certain characters based on their backstories. The catch is that some party members may feel left out as their backstories don’t allow for an ancestral weapon.

If this sounds like a fun supplement for your group, you can pick it up at DMs Guild for $3.95.

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