ANDRÒN Trailer: Alec Baldwin Stars in This Unintentionally Hilarious Sci-Fi Rip-Off

As I watched the trailer for Andròn, a new sci-fi film starring Alec Baldwin, Michelle Ryan, and Danny Glover, I made the decision that it was so boring and derivative that I wasn't interested in it enough to write about it for GeekTyrant. But then something amazing happened at the 1:36 mark:

"They're off the grid," one character tells Baldwin.

"Then GET THEM BACK ON THE GRID!" he yells, throwing a chair in frustration.

A dialogue exchange THAT ridiculous deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. Will the movie be any good? It looks like a lame blend of The Hunger Games and Cube, so probably not. Does it have the potential to be terrible and entertaining at the same time? If there are more lines like that one — absolutely.

They don’t remember how they got there. They don’t even remember their names. A group of unknown prisoners trapped in a mysterious and deadly maze. They will have to find answers, to decipher the signs, understand the codes and they have to face a dangerous journey to discover the secret of ANDRÒN.
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