Andy Serkis Clarifies Rumors for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS

Official information about Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been hard to come by, leaving every scrap of a rumor to be analyzed and added to an ever growing pile. Andy Serkis, in an interview with EW, clears up a few rumors while still keeping the mystery alive. Serkis is a smart actor and has been really good about not leaking details on previous films.

He'll be playing only one character:

Previous reports that he was playing multiple roles are, according to Serkis, “Not true at all." Adding, "I can say I only play one character."

When asked if he is playing a motion capture character, he says, “I can’t say a single thing about that. I’m sorry! [Massive Grin] These things will all come out in the fullness of time, I promise."

Details on The Voice:

Serkis confirmed quickly after the teaser trailer was released that he is the narrator. Many people, including myself, thought it was Benedict Cumberbatch. When asking if his voice was altered or deliberately masked he responded, “That is the character.” As for the way his voice sounds, “There’s no digital manipulation," he says. "That’s just me.”

When asked about the gravelly and weary nature of the voice, he responded, “I have to be very careful about how I answer these questions. The character …” [Long Pause] “He’s been through some stuff.”

Squashing Rumors:

When asked about the rumors that his characters leads a "group of unbelievably athletic and acrobatic motion capture characters." Serkis laughed out loud and said, "I’m not leading a band of gymnasts or acrobats."

At one point, it was rumored that the subtitle for the next Star Wars film would be "The Ancient Fear." Serkis on the subject said, "No, no, it’s always just been called Episode VII to this point." Later he said, "Then I knew it was called The Force Awakens. It’s very pertinent."

If you're interested in a few other things he said, check out the full EW article.

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