Ang Lee's GEMINI MAN Will Have High Frame Rate 3D Screenings

Director Ang Lee (Life of Pi) has been hard at work creating his next film project called Gemini Man. It’s actually supposed to be released later this year, but we haven’t seen anything from it yet.

The movie stars Will SmithClive Owen, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the story follows an aging assassin (Smith) attempting to leave that kind of life behind him, but he finds himself hunted by a younger clone of himself.

It sounds like a pretty awesome story concept and it’ll be cool to see how Lee envisions it. Lee has always delivered stunning visuals in his films and he wants to make sure that we see this next film of his in the best way possible.

This is going to be a super effects heavy film that will obviously require some de-aging effects for Will Smith. Lee is so confident in the quality of work that is going into his movie that he wants audiences to see in a High Frame Rate. This is the same tech that he utilized for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Paramount Pictures recently sent a letter to exhibitors with instructions on how to test whether the theater is equipped to handle the High Frame Rate technology. The letter states the film will have versions presented in 60fps 3D and 120fps 2D. Don’t worry, this is in addition to the the good old fashioned 24fps. You can read the letters below thanks to The Playlist.

I remember seeing Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit in 60fps and all of the flaws in the visual and makeup effects stuck out like a sore thumb. However, I am curious to see how Lee’s film turns out and I’ll definitely be checking it out in a theater with High Frame Rate tech.

Gemini Man will be released by Paramount on October 4th.

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