Animatic Shows Captain America and Black Widow Fight in Cut Scene from CIVIL WAR

I've got a cool animatic for you to watch that features an scene that was cut from the airport battle sequence in Captain America: Civil War. That scene focuses on a fight between Captain America and Black Widow. It's actually a great little scene that would have been cool to see brought to life in the movie. The animatic comes from Darrin Denlinger, who offers the following caption with the video:

"Small animatic beat I did from the Airport Battle in Captain America: Civil War. Edited and sound designed by Coral D'Alessandro."

It's fun to see the previsualizations of action scenes like this. It gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the ideas for these elaborate fight sequences come together in the early stages of film production.

So why was the scene cut? My guess is because Black Widow steals Cap's shield, and after that already happened with Spider-Man it would be repetitive to do it again. There are also some repetitive fighting moves that she does. The scene features Ant-Man and War Machine in action as well. Enjoy!

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