ANNIHILATION Director Alex Garland Says There's a New Adaptation of THE BEACH in Development

First of all, I just have to mention again how much I loved Annihilation. It's a true hardcore sci-fi film that any hardcore sci-fi fan will appreciate. Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to the news that there's another adaptation of The Beach in development.

The Beach was directed by Danny Boyle, and it starred Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is based on the book that Alex Garland wrote. It tells the story of a young man who travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map that leads to a solitary beach paradise. After he arrives and spends some time there, he learns that this tropical bliss that he heard about isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

I actually liked the movie, but for the most part, it was torn apart by critics and it also ruined the director's friendship with Ewan McGregor because he had originally promised the lead role to him, but then he ended up giving the part to DiCaprio instead. 

I don't necessarily think that The Beach needs another film adaptation, but according to Alex Garland, it is in the works for some reason. During Reddit AMA, the director was asked if there was a shot that we'd see another adaptation of the book and if he'd be interested, and he said someone very talented was already working on it. 

There's no word on if this has anything to do with the TV series adaptation that was picked up by Fox back in 2012. The Playlist reminds us that the series was being developed by Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle and the upcoming Tremors TV series) and that it would be "about a group of young people feeling disconnected and disenchanted from society who try to start over in paradise but discover that while creating the perfect world is hard, protecting it is even harder."

Below you'll find the question to the director and his answer. Are any of you even interested in seeing another adaptation of The Beach?

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