Another Absurdly Bizarre Trailer for Kevin Smith’s YOGA HOSERS

If you’re not already sold on Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers, this new trailer isn’t going to change your mind. In fact, this is trailer make the movie look even dumber than the first trailer that was released. For the most part, I find things to enjoy in Smith’s films. I’m pretty open minded about what he makes, but I hated this movie. The one thing in it that I actually enjoyed was a very brief cameo by Kevin Conroy, but it doesn’t make the film worth seeing. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the trailer! According to Smith, the movie was made for tween girls, yet I don’t know a single tween girl that wants to see this movie. Hell, none of my daughter’s friends have ever even heard of it. If you haven’t read my review yet, you can check it out here. This is one of those films that will make you stupider if you watch it. 

15-year-old yoga-nuts Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie love their smart phones and hate their after school job at Manitoban convenience store Eh-2-Zed. But when an ancient evil rises from beneath Canada’s crust and threatens their big invitation to a Grade 12 party, the Colleens join forces with the legendary man-hunter from Montreal named Guy Lapointe to fight for their lives with all seven Chakras, one Warrior Pose at a time. Depp, Depp the Younger and Smith the younger are returning in the roles they created for "Tusk."

The movie stars Harley Quinn Smith, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, Johnny Depp, Haley Joel Osment, Jason Mewes, Justin Long, Vanessa Paradis, and some stupid-ass bratwurst Nazi bitches. Yoga Hosers will be released on July 29th. Maybe Smith will start making good films again after this one doesn’t make any money. 

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