Another Bad Trailer for THE LEGEND OF HERCULES

TrailerMovie by Joey Paur

Summit Entertainment is really pushing the hell out of this movie, The Legend of Hercules. This is the third trailer they've released for it in two months. I'm sorry studio people, but changing the title and releasing more trailers doesn't make the movie look any better. This thing is going to bomb terribly. 

The movie was previously called Hercules: The Legend Begins. It stars Twilight's Kellan Lutz, who barely even says a word in this trailer. The movie looks like it belongs on the SyFy Channel, or maybe even The CW. All I know is I'm not interested. I'm not really interested in the Brett Ratner and Dwayne Johnson Hercules movie either, though. It just seems like they got the wrong people to make these films. 

In Ancient Greece 1200 B.C., a queen succumbs to the lust of Zeus to bear a son promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the king and restore peace to a land in hardship. But this prince, Hercules, knows nothing of his real identity or his destiny. He desires only one thing: the love of Hebe, Princess of Crete, who has been promised to his own brother. When Hercules learns of his greater purpose, he must choose: to flee with his true love or to fulfill his destiny and become the true hero of his time. The story behind one of the greatest myths is revealed in this action-packed epic - a tale of love, sacrifice and the strength of the human spirit.

It hits theaters on January 10th, 2014!

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