Another Villainous Threat Rumored for JUSTICE LEAGUE, and It's Not Darkseid

Recently we've been hearing a lot of talk about Zack Snyder's Justice League films, and there have been a ton of reports that the main villain would be Darkseid. Turns out that might not be the case for at least the first Justice League film. 

According to El Mayimbe on his new YouTube show Heroic Insider, Darkseid is maybe being used as misdirection. He says he's been hearing that there will be another threat that the Justice League will have to fight. The following information is just a rumor, but if you don't want it spoiled for you, don't read beyond this point.

According to the report, Atlantis will be the main conflict in the film, and they will attack the surface of the world in the first Justice League movie. He explains that when Batman tries to recruit Aquaman, he's not interested because the Amazonians and Atlantians don't get along because they've had a 1000 year conflict with each other. So Aquaman isn't too thrilled about fighting alongside Wonder Woman. There are no specifics at this point, and all of this is subject to change. It looks like there's a possibility the movie will be inspired by Geoff Johns' 2012 miniseries, Throne of Atlantis. The report goes on to say that we will see Batman piloting a Bat-submarine to get to Atlantis.

He also says that the solo Batman movie is on the fast track to production and that there's a chance we'll see it get released before the Aquaman solo film. Check out the report in the video below. All the Justice League talk starts at the 27:30 mark.

I'm sure Darkseid will eventually make an appearance in Justice League Part Two. After all, there were signs of Apokolips littered all through Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What do you all think about this latest Justice League rumor?

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