ANT-MAN Panel Video and Footage Description - SDCC 2014

Photo Credit: MTV

Marvel came, and Marvel conquered. Hall H was in a frenzy in the moments leading up to the Marvel Comic-Con panel. Fans who had camped out for as much as two days were chanting the studio’s name, doing the wave, and speculating what big announcements would be made. Sadly, there were no new movie titles announced, just a release date for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which is set for July 28th, 2017. Marvel’s focus was on their 2015 releases, which are Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. The Avengers panel didn’t disappoint, and you can watch it in its entirety here and read a description of the footage that was shown here. While the Ant-Man panel didn’t have as much to show since they don’t start filming until August 18th, they had plenty to discuss and even put some footage together to give fans a taste of what’s to come.

The Ant-Man panel consisted of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige; director Peyton Reed, who replaced Edgar Wright; Paul Rudd, who will be playing Scott Lang; Michael Douglas, who will play Hank Pym; Evangeline Lilly, whose appearance on the panel finally confirmed her long rumored role as Pym’s daughter “Hope Pym” (Hope Van Dyne in the comics); and Corey Stoll, who takes on the role of Darren Cross, the villain of the film who will become Yellowjacket. You can watch the full panel below, in which they talk about their roles and what you can expect from the film. We obviously aren't allowed to film the footage that they screened, but below the panel I've written a description of the clip.

As stated above, Ant-Man doesn’t begin filming for another two and a half weeks, but they did put together “a little something” using visual effects tests and voiceovers provided by Douglas and Rudd. The footage starts with a tracking shot through a lab as we hear Hank Pym counseling Scott Lang, who is unsure of whether or not he can be a “superhero.” Pym scoffs at the mention of superheroes saying, “Superheroes, what a goddamn joke!” As the camera winds through the lab it reveals the Ant-Man helmet sitting on a desk. The voiceovers continue, and though Lang is still reluctant, Pym assures him that it’s only a “small job.” We then cut to an exterior night shot with a miniaturized Lang running on a rooftop in the Ant-Man suit. Lang is communicating with Pym, and saying that he has “it” — it possibly being the suit itself, or something else that he has stolen. Lang is being pursued by something and tries to escape by hopping aboard a flying ant. His helmet appears to be malfunctioning, though, with sparks flying off the side, and he is unable to properly mount the flying ant. 

Pym tells Lang that he has to put his trust in the helmet and tells him to jump. Lang jumps off the side of the building and the flying ant swoops in and catches him. The footage ends with Lang successfully making his escape on the back of the flying ant.

The rooftop sequence appeared to be entirely CG. The effects were all there, but it lacked polish, and the dialogue seemed slightly disconnected from the onscreen action. Edgar Wright’s test footage that was screened in previous years was never officially released in its entirety. So barring some blu-ray extras, I’m not sure if fans will ever get to see this footage again.

Ant-Man is slated for release on July 17th, 2015.

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