Anthony Hopkins Says "Duuuuude" in Latest TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Clip

A couple of new promos have been released for Transformers: The Last Knight. One is a clip called, "Hot Rod". It heavily features Anthony Hopkins' character talking to Mark Wahlberg as Hot Rod drives up to deliver a woman he's picked up played by Laura Haddock. The clip also includes a few interestingly weird things like an old robot butler named Cogman with dementia, and then there's Hopkins saying "Duuuuude", which just doesn't seem natural. I had to re-watch that part a few times just to make sure that's what he was really saying. The image below is the reaction that Wahlberg has after Hopkins says "Duuuude." That's probably what my reaction looked like when I heard him say it as well.


I've also included a second amusing video that features Optimus Prime working with a dialogue coach. He's being taught the proper way to say "Death before dishonor" in an English accent.  You can check out both videos below. 

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23rd.

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