Anthony Ingruber Needs To Be Considered For Han Solo in STAR WARS Anthology Film

I’ve been seeing a lot of lists lately of actors who could play a younger version of Han Solo in the standalone Star Wars Anthology film being directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller for Lucasfilm. I don’t really like the fact that Han Solo is going to be recast with another actor, but since it’s going to happen, I personally think there’s only one actor who could pull it off perfectly.

The actor’s name is Anthony Ingruber. He's virtually unknown, and he really hasn’t done much, but he played a young version of Harrison Ford's character in the film The Age of Adaline. He completely nailed it! He not only has the look, the voice, and the smirk, but it also seems like he has the acting ability and swagger to bring a young Han Solo to life.

He's also released several videos of himself on YouTube impersonating Ford, and even has a great one showing off his Han Solo skills from the original trilogy that you can watch below. I understand that there needs to be more to this character than just an impersonation, but I seriously think he would bring the character to life in a way that might just impress the fans. I was floored when I saw his portrayal of Ford in Age of Adeline.

He's my first choice. I’d love to see him take on the role of Han Solo, and I hope that Lucasfilm and Disney at least give him the chance to audition for the part. Whoever they cast in the role has to have some of the same mannerisms that Harrison Ford has, and Ingruber has an awful lot of them.

If you don't think Ingruber is a good choice, who are some of your suggestions?

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