Antoine Fuqua Will Return to Direct Denzel Washington in THE EQUALIZER 2

It's been confirmed that Antoine Fuqua will come back to direct The Equalizer 2. I don't know if you saw the first film or not, but if you haven't, you should check it out. It's actually a really great flick! Denzel Washington is also set to reprise his badass role in the film and what makes that interesting is this will be the first sequel that the actor has ever done. The news comes from producer Todd Black and in an interview with Collider he said:

"The script is done. We start shooting right after Labor Day, maybe right before Labor Day depending on Denzel’s schedule. So Equalizer 2 will start shooting in September of next year, maybe earlier depending on another movie that we’re shooting with Denzel before that. We’re going to do a little bit more work and we’re going to go into casting right after that for his nemesis."

There are no plot details available, but you can bet that Washington is going to be kicking some more ass. When talking about why Washington wanted to take on a franchise film series like this, Black said:

"He’s always wanted to do a franchise, and he liked the Bourne movies, the earlier ones. I’ve had a friendship with him for 27 years and we’ve talked about him doing a franchise character, so when my partners and I got the rights to Equalizer, we were like, 'Let’s get Denzel to finally do one. This could be the one.' It was never made as a movie and a lot of people didn’t know it was a TV show … but you’ve probably heard the title. He liked the title and I said to him, 'Let us write it for you and if you like the script, great; if you don’t, we’ll go get another actor.' So he signed up for that and it worked."

Washington was great in the first film, and I thought his version of the character was perfect. Black went on to reveal that they are looking to possibly shoot the film in IMAX, which could be fun.

"We talked a lot about the IMAX format for [The Magnificent Seven]. It’s expensive. Antoine wasn’t quite comfortable with that, nor were the studios. We did talk about it a lot. We continue to talk about it for Equalizer 2. He has a whole thing that he’s planning on Equalizer 2 with this new effect that he’s doing, which I can’t talk about, but it’s frickin’ so cool you won’t believe it. "

I'm a huge supporter of IMAX, so any movie shot in that format is a great thing. I'll be looking forward to seeing the next chapter in this cool action thriller franchise.

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