Apparently It Was Ok To Murder Kids in Wheelchairs in This Alternate Scene From The 80s Family Film MAC AND ME

Do you remember that weird 1988 film Mac and Me that centered around a creepy alien creature known and MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature) that befriends a boy in a wheelchair named Eric Cruise? It's considered by many to be one of the worst movies from the 80s. 

If you have seen the film I'm sure you remember the infamous scene where Eric falls off a cliff in his wheelchair. If you don't remember here's a reminder:

If you thought seeing a kid in a wheelchair role of the edge of a giant cliff was bad, just wait until you see this alternate clip from the film that has surfaced. It shows Eric being shot and killed! Remember... this was supposed to be a family-friendly film and in the Japanese cut of the film there is child murder! 

Fantastic Fest film curator Peter Kuplowsky has shared this alternate clip on Twitter and it's pretty crazy! You can watch it below.

I had no idea that a scene like this ever existed until today! If you want to see how the original ending played out you can watch it below. It was probably smart that they cut the scene. I imagine the MPAA made them cut it for American audiences. Hell, the original ending was pretty damn dark! You can watch that below.

Luckily, Eric is saved by MAC and his family after his death in the theatrical version. Mac and Me celebrates its 30th anniversary next month.

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