If you’re a fan of Archer, then you’re obviously excited about Season 10 and we’ve learned a few new things that we can expect to see in it.

Archer season 10 will be called "Archer: 1999". In “Danger Island” we saw Sterling Archer seemingly waking from the coma he's been in since the end of Season 7 and he finds himself in a cryogenic pod, on board a spaceship. A lot of fans thought that this might mean the next chapter would be set in the distant future, but it will be set in the year 1999.

With the new season taking place on a space shuttle, we are going to see some homages to classic sci-fi properties. Specifically designs from Alien, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Battlestar Galactica. Executive producer Matt Thompson said:

“The first first one that people will notice is as we fade up in the first episode, we really see the original Alien a lot in just the tech of the ship. We feel that original distress beacon going off. Then from there, it takes off more into an almost like Next Generation or Battlestar Galactica references. That original Alien almost felt a little low tech. Everything had its industrial feel to it so we get a little bit more into the glossier sci-fi tech as it goes on.”

Thompson also explains that the upcoming season will pay homage to the first nine seasons of the series as it will be filled with all kinds of references for fans to find:

“For people that are fans of the show, there are a lot of advertisements and billboards in alien languages that you will have to decode that are references to our own show from our own different season in the past. Even referencing ourselves inside of alien languages and stuff has been interesting.”

It’s also revealed that there are some fan favorite characters that will return, such as the gay hitmen. Executive producer Casey Willis explained:

“There are some hitmen, Charles and Rudy, that were in the first season and then the fifth season as well. So they’re coming back again, but you’re not going to really recognize them.”

There were also some details previously revealed for Archer: 1999 during the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con:

"Archer, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, will play the co-captain of the USS Figgis. Alongside him is his co-captain and ex-wife Lana Kane (played by Aisha Tyler); the two just went through a “nasty divorce,” so fans can expect more of their trademark heated (and hilarious) bickering.

“Lana is the co-captain and that causes a lot of tension between her and Archer because she owns half the ship,” [Executive Producer Casey] Willis said.

Mallory (Jessica Walter) will be the ship’s artificial intelligence and a “possible being of pure energy”; Cheryl (Judy Greer) is a hotshot fighter pilot, but she’s not happy about it. “[She] hates it. So she’s always bored with doing what she’s really good at,” Willis said.

Ray (voiced by series creator Adam Reed) is the “loneliest courtesan” in the galaxy, while Pam Poovey (Amber Nash) is a “brutish alienoid.” Finally, the former Dr. Krieger is now a synthetic android."

Archer Season 10 is said to premiere in April of 2019 on FXX and I couldn’t be more excited to see what is in store next for these wacky characters!

Source: /Film

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