ARCHER Season 10 Will Premiere in April!

TV ArcherFXX by Joey Paur

I’ve got some great news for all you Archer fans! The tenth season of the hilarious adult-themed animated series is set to premiere in April 2019 on FXX!

The news was announced recently at the 2019 TCA’s. I’ve enjoyed watching this crazy show over the years and while Season 9 (“Danger Island”) wasn’t met by fans with the best reactions, I enjoyed it, and I’m still looking forward to seeing what Season 10 brings us.

Archer season 10 will be called "Archer: 1999". In “Danger Island” we saw Sterling Archer seemingly waking from the coma he's been in since the end of Season 7 and he finds himself in a cryogenic pod, on board a spaceship. A lot of fans thought that this might mean the next chapter would be set in the distant future, but it looks like maybe it’s just set in the year 1999, which wouldn’t be surprising. Seems like it would be a fun era for the Archer series to explore.

There were some early details revealed for Archer: 1999 during the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. This is what Indiewire reported:

"Archer, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, will play the co-captain of the USS Figgis. Alongside him is his co-captain and ex-wife Lana Kane (played by Aisha Tyler); the two just went through a “nasty divorce,” so fans can expect more of their trademark heated (and hilarious) bickering.

“Lana is the co-captain and that causes a lot of tension between her and Archer because she owns half the ship,” [Executive Producer Casey] Willis said.

Mallory (Jessica Walter) will be the ship’s artificial intelligence and a “possible being of pure energy”; Cheryl (Judy Greer) is a hotshot fighter pilot, but she’s not happy about it. “[She] hates it. So she’s always bored with doing what she’s really good at,” Willis said.

Ray (voiced by series creator Adam Reed) is the “loneliest courtesan” in the galaxy, while Pam Poovey (Amber Nash) is a “brutish alienoid.” Finally, the former Dr. Krieger is now a synthetic android."

Are you excited for Archer Season 10?

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