Are POKEMON SWORD and POKEMON SHIELD Introducing Armored Evolutions?

You’ll want to get a giant spoon and fill with salt because we’re about to talk about a rumor about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. It should be noted that we know very little about these games except they will launch later this year on Nintendo Switch and they’re taking place in the Galar region which is based on Great Britain. Now, if we go back to about a week before the games were announced, there was a post on 4chan (via PokeJungle) that revealed the names and the inspiration for the new region. Because it called two things, people are going back to it and thinking there may be something to it.

According to the post, the two legendary pokemon will be a metal snake and a wooden horse, something called Armored Evolutions will become a thing, and Meltan is related to these Armored Evolutions. I’m going to skip over the legendary thing because anything could happen there, but let’s talk about these Armored Evolutions. First, I think it sounds cool. Second, I don’t want it to be a thing. I already am not a big fan of Mega Evolutions, so I fear that Armored Evolutions would just be the same type of deal. Third, if these do exist, I think there’s plenty of reason to believe that Meltan ties into it somehow. Just looking at Meltan and Melmetal make me feel like there’s something deeper there.

The post listed four pokemon that would get Armored Evolutions, Charizard, Mewtwo, Flygon, and Zeraora. I can completely see all but Flygon actually happening. Don’t get me wrong, I like Flygon. I just don’t know that Flygon would be one of the first “Armored Pokemon.” I think it’d be awesome if he was and even better if any pokemon could Armor Evolve. I just don’t think it’s in the cards for now.

What do you think of these rumors? I’m not completely sold, but there may be something to them.

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