Are These Images Our First Look at Netflix's New Sci-Fi Series ALTERED CARBON?

We know that Netflix is working on one of its most expensive projects in the streaming company's history. It's a sci-fi series called Altered Carbon, a 10-episode series based on the bestselling novel by Richard K. Morgan. Up until now, we have not seen any teasers or stills from the production but i09 pointed out recently, that several gifs have been making the rounds on Reddit that look like they’re for the upcoming television adaptation. The images have not been confirmed by Netflix but show various businesses in Bay City circa 2384, matching the location and date that the novel takes place. 

Altered Carbon takes place in a distant future where people can transfer their consciousness from body to body, making immortality a reality. Society is divided between people who can afford to live forever and those who can't, creating modern gods who keep themselves above and apart from everyone else. The story follows a soldier (played by Joel Kinnaman) who is “resleeved,” or transferred, into a police officer’s body in order to investigate a conspiracy.

The series, written and produced by Avatar co-writer Laeta Kalogridis, is rumored to be Netflix’s most expensive genre show to date, at $6 to $7 million per episode. Altered Carbon comes out sometime in 2018.

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