Are These The Top 10 Movie Sets Ever Built?

VideosMovie by Ben Pearson

Having just seen Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on the big screen again recently (and in a pretty unique way, I might add), I'm confident that his New Zealand sets rank among the best ever created in film history. The way his team was able to blend real life locations with props completely immerses the viewer in the reality of the film, never once allowing us to get into our own heads and start thinking about the hows and whys of the production choices.

Cinefix has put together a list of their Top 10 movie sets ever built, and they did a great job choosing sets that have a massive scale with much smaller miniatures and minimalist designs. There are also a bunch of great bonus choices they throw in alongside their final picks. I'm pretty impressed with their list — do you have a favorite movie set that didn't make the list?

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