BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT: Red Hood Is Coming to the Arkhamverse in New DLC

Gamestop has now officially (it leaked yesterday) announced the new preorder incentive for Arkham Knight, and it contains the Robin who just wouldn't go away (despite a phone vote to make him do so), Jason Todd, otherwise known as the Red Hood. It will be a story pack and joins the already announced Harley Quinn story pack. 

With these two announcements, Rocksteady has already addressed my main criticism of Arkham City, which was that there wasn't enough additional story content after launch, as most of their DLC revolved around extra costumes and challenge maps. Those are nice, don't get me wrong, but Rocksteady spins a great yarn, so any opportunity to get more of that is welcome.

While they haven't actually said the person under the hood is Jason Todd, there is a part of me that hopes they end up going that route, only so I can see what Rocksteady can do with the character. I might just have to dig out my Under the Hood trade if this turns out to be him.

Batman Arkham Knight releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in early 2015.

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