ARMORY OF THE ARCANE: DAGGERS Offers Six Magical Daggers for Your D&D Game


In Dungeons & Dragons, there are magical items that help players be freaking awesome. If you need help finding some magical daggers, you’ll want to check out Armory of the Arcane: Daggers. This unofficial supplement from D Taylor with art from Chris Fason currently includes 6 magical daggers. What’s more is that Taylor has said that depending on how well the supplement does, he will add more daggers to the book.

A first in a series of resource guides for magical and sentient weapons, Armory of the Arcane: Daggers features six small blade weapons for use in your Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game.

Each entry is illustrated by artist Chris Fason and features an informative, yet open-ended, details of the weapon’s origin, game information, sentience, and personality all contained on one page for each. From the “ranger’s best friend” Archer’s Ally to the “man-hating” Lifepiercer, you’ll find a new wonderous weapon of adventure to add to your game.

You can grab Armory of the Arcane: Daggers on DMs Guild for $1.

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