Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks TERMINATOR 6 and Reveals Some New Information


Arnold Schwarzenegger is opening up to fans about the upcoming Terminator 6 film, and we're learning some new tidbits about it. While visiting fans at a hotel in Birmingham, England for a fan event called:  An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger he told that "Linda Hamilton is currently training." 

That confirms what we learned already this week, that Hamilton will appear in the new Terminator film, it also means that she has already started training for the production. Arnold also revealed that "Terminator 6 will not be called Terminator 6, it will have another name." 

I think that is obvious, and kind of a relief. What a lame title anyway. But it will be a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day and that "It’s going to ignore Genisys."

He also said that "Robert Patrick will not be involved." This makes sense because the T-1000 was killed off in T2 and although it would be cool to see him again, I think a new villain is a much better idea at this point. 

Schwarzenegger went on to tell the fans that the movie will definitely start filming in March and in "around 14 days" the script will be finished. He says the story has been crafted by Cameron himself.

Schwarzenegger ended his session telling fans that Triplets should be his next movie after Terminator 6.

These are all kinds of fun nuggets of information, let's just hope all the pieces fall in the right place and we get a Terminator movie that we have all been waiting for.

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