ARROW Had Big Plans For Harley Quinn Until SUICIDE SQUAD Came Along

TV ArrowHarley Quinn by Joey Paur

Apparently the producers of the hit TV series Arrow had big plans for Harley Quinn, but Warner Bros. wouldn't let them follow through with them. While talking to MCM London (via: Spoiler TV) over the weekend, Willa Holland (Thea Queen/Speedy) said that if it wasn’t for the studio ordering the producers to scrap their Harley Quinn plans, we might have seen the character in action.

"We had big plans for Harley. But, I guess something came down from DC execs that told us to shut it down. I mean we had that tease with the pigtails and the ARGUS outfit but, we’ll never see it. We would love to Harley in Arrow but it will never happen."

That’s incredibly disappointing to hear, especially since the TV universe is separate from the  movie universe. Why can’t Harley exist in these two different worlds? I’m excited to see Harley in Suicide Squad, but I think I’d be more excited about seeing her in Arrow. She did make a surprise cameo in Arrow’s second season, and it was one of the most exciting moments in the series for fans. Too bad producers weren’t allowed to play with the character and expand on her.  

I’d be interested to know what "big plans" they had for Harley in the series before the WB executives shut it down. It would have been great to see the villain causing chaos in Starling City! That sucks that it will never happen. 

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