ARROW Is Bringing Back Black Canary With a New Actress

For those of you who have walked away from Arrow, it looks like things are changing enough to convince you to come back! I know a lot of fans on the site were peeved whenLaurel Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) was killed off on the series (I was never a big fan). No Laurel meant no Black Canary, who many fans of Green Arrow would agree is central to the storylines of Oliver Queen. With Felicity continually pushed and no Black Canary, many fans wrote off the series as its new season began late last year. 

If you're watching the show you already know, but if you've stepped away it looks like the team will soon be getting a new Black Canary! Collider reports actress Juliana Harkavy has joined the show as Tina Boland, making her debut a couple weeks ago with a sonic scream of sorts. 

Last night's episode confirmed many suspicions that Tina Boland is actually Dinah Drake! For those unaware, Dinah Drake was the name of the original Black Canary from the comic books, which means it looks like we have a new Black Canary on Arrow! 

Let's hope team Arrow commits to the new character and this isn't just some cheap couple episodes then gone character to attempt to pull people back into the show. Of course, there still is also a chance of Cassidy returning as her Earth-2 counterpart Black Siren...but I think it's best if we just move on from the Laurel Canary. Am I alone on that? Is this enough to bring you back to the show if you stopped watching? 

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