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At the New York Comic-Con Arrow panel last week, star Stephen Amell tossed out some hints about what we can expect to see go down in Starling City this season.

First, he spoke about (spoiler!) the loss of Sarah Lance at the end of the premiere, and hinted that Laurel will be taking up the Canary wig soon. Ugh. It’s been obvious for awhile that they were going that route, but I’ve been holding out (foolish, misguided) hope that Sarah would stick around and Laurel would die. We’re getting the opposite, which will be fine, I guess. (Can they at least recast Laurel?)

In the genre of things that make you go hmmm… Tommy Merlyn will be back this season. He hasn’t risen from the dead — he’ll be appearing in flashbacks in Hong Kong, and that is interesting. I wonder if Tommy will turn out to be less innocent than we thought.

Episode 9 will be the midseason finale, and it will end with a literal cliffhanger. If it’s Oliver Queen hanging from a cliff, I’m not worried. He can easily pull himself up, even from the smallest handhold. We’ve seen his workouts. He can handle it.

There will be a two part crossover with The Flash. Part one will be called “Flash vs. The Arrow,” and part two will be titled “The Brave and the Bold,” which I think means that Batman will be making an appearance. (That was a joke. Don’t yell at me in the comments.)

Finally, Amell said that the increased number of costumed heroes in Starling City will be important in the finale, leading some to speculate wildly that the finale will introduce the Justice League to the small screen DC world. Which, I guess that isn’t impossible, but I don’t know that we have enough evidence to state that conclusively yet.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on the CW.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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