Art Collection From Mondo's JURASSIC PARK Gallery Show

Several illustrations have been released from Mondo's Jurassic Park tribute gallery show which opens in Austin, TX on June 12th, which is the same day that Jurassic World hits theaters. The show is called “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth,” and as you will see below, it's going to be full of several pieces of awesome and creative art from various artists.

The films offer a rich world of colossal dinosaurs, gorgeous tropical landscapes and iconic characters for artists to draw their inspiration from. The title of the show “When Dinsoaurs Ruled The Earth” references the climactic scene of Jurassic Park when the T-Rex triumphantly reclaims her dominance at the top of the food chain, making the past tense of that falling banner’s copy ominously incorrect. Now 65 million + 22 years later, dinosaurs are getting their first fully functioning theme park in Jurassic World with all of the terrible implications of how that will go perfectly wrong.

Check out the art that's been released below, and under that you will find a list of artists participating in the show.

The following artists will be represented at “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.” Remaining prints and original works will go on sale at at a future date. Follow @MondoNews for more art reveals and information leading up the show! 
Dan Black
Frans Boukas
Becky Cloonan
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Jason Edmiston
James Flames
Francesco Francavilla
Ken Garduno
Nicole Gustafsson
Brandon Holt
Aaron Horkey
Rich Kelly
The Little Friends of Printmaking
Dan McCarthy
Seb Mesnard
Drew Millward
Gary Pullin
Arik Roper
Neal Russler
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Todd Slater
Stan and Vince
Ken Taylor
John Vogl
Teagan White
Erica Williams
NC Winters

Thanks to ComingsoonBusiness Insider and ScreenCrush for the art!

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