Art From The Cancelled MAD MAX: FURIOSA Anime

It took George Miller a ridiculously long time to finally get Mad Max: Fury Road to the big screen. During that time, he actually had the idea to develop another film called Mad Max: Furiosa. The films were supposed to shoot back-to-back, but when it looked like that wasn't going to happen, he wanted to develop it as an anime film, which would have been extremely interesting. It obviously never materialized, but some artwork has surfaced that show us what the anime would have looked like. 

I absolutely loved Fury Road, and I'm happy we got the live-action movie that we got. I think a Mad Max anime would have been fun to see, but now that the movie was a huge success, maybe he'll get to make his live-action version.

This concept art was created by concept artist Mahiro Maeda, and it features Max, Furiosa, and Immortan Joe. The story would obviously put the main focus on Furiosa’s character. When talking about the the story in an interview with The Playlist, Miller explained: 

“It's more Furiosa's story and how she came about. Even though it's a chase, to really make the film as authentic as possible we wrote backstories to every vehicle, to every character. We knew Nic Hoult's character Nux from the moment he was conceived, we knew who his parents were, how he became a War Boy.”

If they did make the film, it remains unclear if Charlize Theron would reprise her role because of how hard it was for her while shooting Fury Road. Maybe she'll consider reprising her role now that she's being praised for her performance in the film that exploded at the box office. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of Mad Max: Furiosa.

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