Art Spotlight - The Stylish and Beautiful Art of Jeff Langevin

Apart from creating one of the prettiest Huntress pieces I've seen in a while, freelance artist Jeff Langevin has also expressed his love of video games through his beautifully striking art. You can get a glimpse at his various types of work in the gallery below, but do make sure to check out his website, as there is much more to see. His work bounces from the art nouveau style of Princess Peach and Wicked Witch, to the Retro Information toned TMNT and LOTR posters, and then all the way to stunning portraits of Wonder Woman and The Birds of Prey (among my favorites). All of these styles, while vastly different, still contain the same impressive line and color work he is known for. Like I said, do yourself a favor and head to his Etsy page to buy prints or his website to see more. You won't regret it. 

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