Artist Combines X-MEN and STRANGER THINGS and It's Everything I've Ever Wanted

I love X-Men. I love Stranger Things. What would it be like if you were to combine the two? Well, gee, I'd have to say I'd love that so much my head might fall off. Well... somebody please hold on to my head.

Bosslogic, an artist who shares much of his work on social media has been doing some AWESOME mash-up art featuring the characters from Stranger Things as classic X-Men characters. He picks pretty solid choices for each one.

Lucas is Bishop, Mike is Cyclops, Eleven is Phoenix, Will is Iceman, and Dustin is Beast. It's so cool, and so perfect and now he's made some more with the adults and teens. Steve is Gambit, Nancy is Rogue, Hopper is Sabretooth, and Jonathan is Cannonball, because that's who he'll be in the upcoming New Mutants movie.

All of this is so amazing, and now I want Natalie Dyer to play Rogue more than I've wanted anyone to play anything. It's such a perfect fit. Check out a few of the images below and Bosslogic's Twitter for updates. Seriously, he's got some amazing stuff!

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