Artist Creates Fun Paper Cutout Art To Bring Classic Disney Characters To Life at Disneyland


I've got a very cool set of photos for you to check out that Disney fans are going to absolutely love! These photos come from artist Keith Laping, who is an Interactive Design Manager at Disney. For fun, he creates whimsical paper cutouts of classic Disney characters and moments and holds those cutouts up against real-life scenes at Disneyland theme parks. He then snaps a picture and posts them on Instagram.

The whole goal of this was to "bring that paper magic into Disneyland." He says, "This style with its interaction between the paper illustration and the environment intrigued me. When translating to my art, I wanted the cutouts to interact with an entire environment, but a detailed illustration would get lost in the composition so I resorted to using a solid color."

You can check out his collection of photos below! What are your thoughts on what he's doing here?

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