Artist Imagines Superheroes as Pin-up Artists

You may have noticed that some of the GeekTyrant editors are really into pin-up art, especially geek heroines redrawn as pin-up models. There is actually a lot of behind the scenes debate at GeekTyrant about what is appropriate and what crosses the line into gross/offensive. Obviously, superheroines are sexy and powerful, and artists like to have fun with that. In this piece, artist Stephen Byrne takes a shot at the sometimes ridiculously over the top sexualization of female superheroes, wondering what it would look like “If Male Superheroes Were Treated Equally by Pin-up Artists.” He posted it to his Facebook page with a note:

I fear I may have gone too far this time.

I’m sure this is something we’d all like to see more of, right? Clearly the boys have gotten into the Benetint. We’ve posted some of Byrnes’ more G-rated work for you to check out before.

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