Artist's Take on What a Live Action PINKY AND THE BRAIN Might Look Like

Pinky and the Brain is a show that brings me right back to my childhood. I wasn’t huge on cartoons, but I loved Animaniacs and the spinoff that was Pinky and the Brain. It was just a funny and smart show with a deadpan vs. slapstick comedy duo that cracked me up every time. And it totally stands the test of time, so the writers and creators were really brilliant in making this show.

Now, we haven’t ever gotten a live-action treatment for Pinky and the Brain, but Hollywood loves to pull out old favorites from their back pocket for movie ideas, whether we need them or not (cough, Woody Woodpecker, cough). So I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if we got a Pinky and the Brain reboot or live-action movie. And neither would artist George Evangelista. He posted a piece of art to his Instagram:

This looks pretty awesome! I hope this guy is consulted when they make the live-action Pinky and the Brain movie someday! Would you like to see these characters get their own spot on the silver screen one day?

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