Ash Choked and Lost The POKEMON League Again

The final match of the Kalos Pokemon League has concluded and after an intense battle between Ash Ketchum's Greninja and Alain's Mega Charizard...well, you can watch below.

It doesn't get more tragic than that, ladies and gentlemen. This marks the sixth time that Ash has competed and lost the Pokemon League. Could you imagine if ESPN existed in the Pokemon world? It would be devastating how the pundits would rip him apart! You would think he'd have a reputation for losing on an international scale by now!

Also, can we point out that he collapses in anguish for like three seconds before he's like "nah, I'm good." HE'S THAT USED TO LOSING, HE GETS OVER IT LIKE IT'S NOTHING.

Of course, Ash has done some other incredible things and seen basically every legendary Pokemon in existence, so I guess we can't say he's a complete failure. I'm guessing we won't see him win until the series ends and no one cares anymore.

Thanks to Kotaku for bringing us the awful news.

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