ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie Will Impact Shared Universe of Games, Comics, and Books

Last week, we finally got to see our first look at Michael Fassbender suited up in costume for his long-brewing film version of Assassin's Creed. We learned that he's playing an original character named Callum Lynch, and that the film will tell a new story that doesn't directly adapt a specific game in the popular franchise thus far. But that doesn't mean that gamers won't feel the ripple effects of the film's plotline moving forward. 

BleedingCool noticed that Aymar Azaïzia, the head of Assassin's Creed content at Ubisoft, revealed that the events of the film "have consequences" in the larger shared universe of the property: 

It sounds like they're taking a page from Lucasfilm's playbook and making sure that all of the canonical content lines up, just like how all of the new Star Wars content takes place in the same universe. It's something fans will likely appreciate in the long run, and I think it's a smarter decision than trying to directly adapt a single game to the big screen. By introducing new content on film, they can then incorporate that into the larger mythology of the whole franchise, strengthening its storytelling overall.

Filming began today, and the movie is set to be released on December 21st, 2016.

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