ASTRO BOY Multiverse Mashup Art - STAR WARS, HELLBOY, and More

Star Wars

Illustrator Phil Postma created this cool series of multiverse Astro Boy art that mashed the character together with several different movies, anime, and cartoons. Some of those mashups include Star Wars, Hellboy, the movies of Tim Burton, Men in Black, Mickey Mouse, and more. Here's a note from the artist:

"One day a long time ago, the artists in the studio I was working at for a time [decided] to put up a drawing challenge. This sort of thing happens once and a while among the population of a studio and this time it was 'Astro Boy'. Everybody did a version or two of the famous little robot but I could not stop at a couple and kept doing them. This is the result of that challenge back then and I recently decided to colour them up. 
"I should mention that I used some 'Samurai Jack' backgrounds for some of them since I can't paint a BG's to save my life. I do this from time to time for a better presentation of my junk, but if I were to sell prints I [would] have to replace them with something else."


Tim Burton


Men in Black


1930 Disney

Land Mate

Tetsujin 28


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