ATTACK ON AVERNUS: THE WRATH OF TIAMAT Fits with Your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Campaign, as a Sequel to a Couple Official Campaigns, or as a One-Shot

Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus recently released for Dungeons & Dragons fans, and they’re loving it. I already have a fan-made adventure that can act like a sequel. Attack on Avernus: The Wrath of Tiamat is designed by Craig Sutherland and Blaise Wigglesworth with four main uses. As a high-level (level 17-20) adventure for your campaign, a sequel to Tyranny of Dragons, a sequel to Descent Into Avernus, or as a one-shot with pre-generated characters. The gist of the adventure is that Azyldane, one of Tiamat’s lieutenants, is about to become almost as powerful as the Queen of Dragons and threaten the world. Your party must stop this from happening.

Only you can crush the legions of Hell!

High level heroes race against time as Tiamat’s forces rally for all out war!

Soar into battle on the back of powerful, winged mounts as you enter the Ebon Corridor, a demiplane unlike any other!

The Wrath of Tiamat is well written and engaging and offers plenty of fun options such as an Infernal Mode if the normal adventure is proving too easy. This is something that is definitely worth considering for fans of any of the aforementioned adventures.

You can purchase The Wrath of Tiamat from DMs Guild for $7.50.

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